Transference is the OURPGSoc Society Game for Trinity term 2024.

Players find themselves in the small town of Anchor Rock, in the wake of The Transference. Half of the population of Anchor Rock is gone, replaced with others from all over the world. The locals, those who are left in Anchor Rock, have lost friends and family, whilst the transfers, those who have been transferred in from their hometown, have suddenly appeared in a new village far from home.

Transference will be running on Tuesday evenings during term time. For more details on the schedule, see When and Where.

Getting Started

If you are new to Society Games, or roleplaying in general, the Intro to the Wiki System, Uptime and Sessions, and Downtime and Turnsheets pages may be useful.

Make sure you read the Conduct page so you know which themes are allowed to occur in our game.

To get more of an idea what tone the game will have and what sort of themes it's based on, see Style and Tone.

To learn more about the game's setting, see the World of Anchor Rock section in the sidebar.

To learn how to contact the GMs, see this page for details.

And finally, if you want to participate in the game, you'll have to create a character. There will be an optional event on Tuesday Week 0 both at St John's College or online on Discord if you need help or inspiration creating your character.


In order to be able to run a high quality game and maintain a healthy work life balance, if more than 30 players submit characters we will be forced to ballot. In the event of balloting, we will admit groups in the following order until we reach a group which will take us over the player cap, at which point that group will be balloted for places. Subsequent groups will not be balloted and will not get places. The order of priority for player groups will be:

  1. Special Cases (mostly reserved for those who have booked the rooms we need, and to catch extraordinary circumstances)
  2. Oxford University students for whom this is their last possible Society Game.
  3. Oxford University students who have not played a Society Game before
  4. Oxford University students who have played a Society Game before
  5. Non-Oxford University Students

For example, if we have 15 OU players who have not played a society game before, 17 OU students who have played before and 10 Non-OU students, all the new players will be admitted, 15 of the 17 OU students who have played a Society Game previously will be admitted and none of the Non-OU students will be admitted.

We will ask players to declare their status on submitting a character creation form and this will be taken on good faith. Players who would not like to take part in balloting if it occurs will be able to indicate this. There will also be a waiting list that you can optionally join if you are not successful in the ballot.

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